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We redesigned the show business for the future

futurshow is multi culture TV show network produced high quality game show, talk show and music show for today's generations.

the future way of show


Time freedom and show on demand model

Working with top celebrities and high performers


High-quality production for best user experience


Brand friendly model for high value return for brands

Why brands want to

work with us


The original idea and concept of the show can attract many local people and millions of audience in Asia.


Best ROI campaign to connect to the target market by digital and on TV network more efficiently.


Most flexible and effective integrations for brands to collaborate with the show and audience.


Depends on the campaign objective, the show can be customized to get the target and objective of the brand campaign.

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future talk show

with industry leaders and highest paid celebrities.

futuretalk show series

futuretalk show series

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future music show

with millions of audience and high performers.